0 gauge welding cable suppliers

Hongliang cheap 0 gauge welding cable
Hongliang cheap 0 gauge welding cable

0 awg welding cable

Welding Cable Construction

Conductor : Flexible bare annealed copper wire or tinned copper wire
Insulation: PVC or Rubber Material or EPR
Sheath: Natural rubber, Horoprene rubber or other syntheitic rubber,PVC or or CSP.
No.Cross-section: 10mm2, 16mm2, 25mm2, 35mm2, 50mm2, 70mm2, 95mm2, 120m2, 150mm2, 185mm2 ,240mm2.
AWG: 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 250, 350, 500
Color: Choice of Black, Orange, Red or Yellow Blue jacket, single & double insulated.

Qualified copper of 0 gauge welding cable

Red copper is the main material of standard 0 awg welding cable, which is a metallic substance with a red color. While brass is yellow. The conductivity of red copper is very good and it is not easy to leak electricity. In addition, copper is very soft, which is generally used in soft cables. You can fold at will and can be used more widely than hard cable. The 0 gauge welding wire made from good copper raw materials,you can use it for a long time without damage. The high-quality 0 gauge welding cable can not only guarantee the reputation of manufacturer, but also ensure the safety of consumer electricity. There is no doubt that Hongliang is a professional 0 awg welding cable manufacturer and supplier. Our 0 gauge welding cable all adopt standard raw material. You can feel free to purchase our cable production. Please leave your requirement, we will reply you within 12 hours.

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The product certificate of 0 gauge welding cable

There are 3c certification logo, trademark, model specification, rated voltage, length, manufacturing date, execution standards, factory name, factory site, and telephone in regular certificate. And in line with the product, these will be the 0 gauge welding wire produced by the regular manufacturers. Be sure to check the certificate of the 0 gauge welding cable when choosing and buying. Qualified cable must have 3c certification mark. Cable products have been involved in electrical safety , so the cable is a product that the country enforces security certification. All manufacturer must obtain 3c certification from china electrical products certification committee. Hongliang Cable Group is a formal cable manufacturer and supplier from China. So we certainly have product certificate of 0 gauge welding wire. Not only have we superb 0 gauge welding cable for sale, but also we offer other cables. You can visit our factory at anytime. Welcome to you!

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Where can buy discount 0 gauge welding cable?

There is no doubt that everyone want to buy the low price and high quality 0 gauge welding wire. So the question is: where can you get it? The answer is: Hongliang Cable Group. I am not blow my own trumpet. Hongliang Cable Group always strictly according to IEC, CEA, NFC standards to manufacture 0 gauge welding cable. And we may also manufacture according to the customer request making to order. As one of the leading company in cables industry, our products have been awarded the BV, ISO, CE, SGS, CCC, PCCC, and ROHS Certification of Honor and so on. So just do not hesitate to choose Hongliang.

huadong 0 gauge thhn wire factory
huadong 0 gauge thhn wire factory

Our advantage: Hongliang cable group is a one of professional cable & wire factory in China, mainly production and sales cable, it located in the industrial zone in Zhengzhou, it has rich aluminum resources in the word, high quality and competitive price.

Hongliang Cable-factory

Customer Case: We have exported wires and cables to more than 30 countries, such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania countries etc.



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