h07rn f 3g2 5/4/6 cable

huadong h07rn f cable

Product Feature:

h07rn f cable

1. Voltage: 300/750V,0.6/1kv, 6/10kv
2. Conductor: Flexible copper/Tinned copper
3. Conductor type: copper IEC60228-2004 class1,class2,class5 and 6
4. Insulation: Vulcanised Rubber/Rubber/EPR/Silicone Rubber
5. Color of insulation: Red, Yellow, Green, Light blue, White, Black, Grey, Brown, Orange, Violet, Yellow/Gree
6. Nominal cross section area: 0.5~400mm2
7. Cores: single or multi-core
8. Standard: IEC,VDE,DIN etc
9. Packaging: Iron Or Wooden Drum or according to your requirement

What should you note when cable ho7rnf 3g2 5 is in operation?

h07rn f cable

In the case of multiple parallel h07rnf 3g4 cables, the heat dissipation condition is different from that of single cable laying. And it will reduce allowable carrier current. So it is necessary to use 3g2 5 ho7rnf cable parallel correction coefficient to correct allowable current under normal conditions. Select sectional area based on allowable capacity of cable ho7rnf 3g2 5. Allowable carrier flow is related to ambient temperature. When actual ambient temperature isn’t consistent with specified ambient temperature, temperature coefficient will multiply allowable carrier flow rate. And calculated the actual load rate. In the case of direct burial 3g2 5 ho7rnf, the thermal resistance coefficient of different soils is different. And the thermal conditions are different. The allowable load flow should be multiplied by the thermal resistance coefficient of the soil. When lay h07rnf 3g4 cable, if bending of cable ho7rnf 3g2 5 is excessive, it will damage protective layer and insulating layer. This will creates cracks and reduces mechanical strength. If you need H07rnf 3g4 or other cable, please feel free to contact us.

How to select the allowable capacity of the cable ho7rnf 3g2 5?

The determination of allowable carrier current of cable h07 rnf 3g6 is the key to ensure the safe operation of cable. We often use maximum allowable temperature of cable during normal operation or short circuit. In order to prevent ho7rnf 3g6 cable overheating and insulation failure. If the temperature of insulated wire and h07rnf 3g6 cable is too high, it may damage insulation may or cause a fire. This requires that normal heating temperature of conductors and cable h07 rnf 3g6 should not exceed maximum allowable temperature at rated loads. Allowable carrying capacity of ho7rnf 3g6 is maximum current at which conductor can be continuously subjected to a specified ambient temperature without causing stable temperature to exceed allowable value. The calculated current through phase line should not exceed allowable current when selecting cross-sectional area of h07rnf 3g6. Please send us an e-mail or call us if you need cable ho7rnf 3g2 5 or other cables.

h07rn f-cable

Rubber cable production process

rubber cable production process

h07rn f package

Our advantage: Hongliang Cable Group is one of the most high-quality cable manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our cable for sale absolutely is superior. We can manufacturer quality and cheap cable. So for the quality of cable, you can be assured of it. You can send us an e-mail or call at any time.rubber-welding-Cable-package 2


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