quality&cheap 8 gauge welding cable

8 awg welding cable for sale
8 awg welding cable for sale

8 gauge welding cable

8 gauge welding cable Construction

1. Conductor : Flexible bare annealed copper wire or tinned copper wire
2. Insulation: PVC or Rubber Material or EPR
3. Sheath: Natural rubber, Horoprene rubber or other syntheitic rubber,PVC or or CSP.
4. No.Cross-section: 10mm2, 16mm2, 25mm2, 35mm2, 50mm2, 70mm2, 95mm2, 120m2, 150mm2, 185mm2 , 240mm2.
5. AWG: 8 awg or others
6. Color: Choice of Black, Orange, Red or Yellow Blue jacket, single & double insulated.

Where can buy quality discount 8 gauge welding cable?

Hongliang Cable Group is a leading brand of 8 awg welding cable from China. BV, ISO, CE, SGS, CCC, PCCC, and ROHS Certification of Honor has awarded our 8 awg welding cable. You can get high-class cables and perfect service in Hongliang.

cheap 8 gauge welding cable quotation
cheap 8 gauge welding cable quotation

How much do you know about shielding layer of 8 gauge welding cable?

The conductor shielding layer mainly plays an important role in improving the electric field structure in 8 gauge welding cable. It can prevent the discharge caused by the surface of the conductor, reduce the local discharge. And ensure the service life and reliability of the 8 gauge welding cable. Semi-conductive rubber is the main material of conductor shielding layer of 8 gauge welding wire. By extruding method to produce shielding layer is more smooth than by winding method, and it is convenient to improve the effect of uniform electric field. There are two requirements for the thickness of 8 awg welding cable conductor shielding layer. One is to ensure that the surface is smooth of the conductor shielding layer after the extrusion. In addition, from an economic point of view, the thickness of the conductor shielding layer is relatively easy to achieve in technology. However, if the insulation thickness of 8 gauge welding wire increase by 1 mm, the outer diameter will increase by 4.3mm. As a result, the usage of protective material will increase dramatically. And the cost of 8 gauge welding cable manufacturing will be greatly increased.


What’s common problem and reason of 8 gauge welding cable?

Blistering or exploding on the surface of 8 gauge welding wire. The main reasons for this problem are as follows. First, the core of 8 gauge welding cable is wet and rubber material contain water. Secondly, insufficient vulcanization of rubber or too fast intake and discharge of steam. Thirdly, the strand or 8 gauge welding wire core connector is not good, the steam enters the wire core inside. In addition, there is a problem of thin holes in the rubber section. There are two main reasons. First, steam pressure is low and rubber density is not enough. Next, Steam pressure release is too fast when vulcanization is stopped. The quality of 8 awg welding cable is absolutely superb in Hongliang. So you can rest assured of Hongliang’s 8 gauge welding cable.

8 awg welding cable

Our advantages: Hongliang Cable Group is one of the most high-quality cable manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our cable for sale absolutely is superior. We can manufacturer quality and cheap cable. So for the quality of cable, you can be assured of it. You can send us an e-mail or call at any time.

Hongliang Cable-factory

Hongliang Cable-factory

Customer Case: We have exported wires and cables to more than 30 countries, such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania countries, etc.



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