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Hongliang sjoow, soow cable
Hongliang sjoow, soow cable

SJOOW Cable Description:

sjoow cable

1. Insulation: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) or EP compound
2. Jacket: rubber or CPE or CP compound
3. Voltage: 300 Volt
4. -40ºC to +90ºC
5. 90ºC 300 Volt UL /CSA Portable Cord
6. Excellent resistance to oil and moisture Good tensile strength, elongation and aging characteristics High flexibility Excellent abrasion resistance Water-resistant UL Listed and CSA Certified for indoor and outdoor use
7. Sizes range from 18 AWG to 10 AWG
8. Available in 2 to 4 conductor
9. Available in 250 and 1000 ft spools.

SJOOW Cable Parameter List

SJOOW Cable Parameter List

How long is the life span of sjoow cable?

The life span of the sjoow cable is very different because of its different service environment. Sjoow are commonly used in places where special equipment or conditions are relatively poor. Generally speaking, the design life cycle of sjoow wire is 5-15 years. At present, there are more jerry-built cable sjoow on the market. Of course, the useful life will be reduced as well. The life of outer insulation is one of the most important conditions to determine the service life of carol cable sjoow. The copper wire can have a long time (without overload) without abrasion of the rubber sheath. But there’s usually wear and tear in the well. If the connection is of poor quality, water will flow in carol sjoow and shorten its service life. Poor quality sjow cable will have small holes in the size of needles, which can cause water seepage over long periods of time. In Hongliang, we always strictly abide relevant rules to manufacture sjoow cable. The life span of production reach the standard absolutely.

SJOOW/SOOW cable for sale in Hongliang factory
SJOOW/SOOW cable for sale in Hongliang factory

How to select the sjoow cable cross section?


The size of the sjoow cable cross section is related to the amount of investment, loss of the line, voltage quality, and service life of the cable, etc. If the cross-sectional area is small, the voltage quality will decrease. The excessive loss of the sjoow line will destroy and overheat cable. If the cross section is too large, the initial investment will be too high. Therefore, according to the results of load forecasting, you should choose the appropriate cross-sectional area from the perspective of development. Make sjoow wire meets the temperature and voltage drop requirements of the cable core at maximum operating current. And meet the requirement of thermal stability under the action of maximum short-circuit current. Due to load forecasting is difficulty and accuracy is low, so when selecting cable sjoow sectional area, it is necessary to meet requirements of relevant documents. Hongliang guarantee that our every cable production are excellent.

sjoow cable

The sjoow cable sheath thickness determines life span

The sjow cable need operate for a long time, and the laying environment is quite special. Especially, you should bury sjoow cable directly in water or exposed to corrosion in the open air. External media will corrode cables for a long time. Insulation level and mechanical level of sheathing thinnest point will decrease. In addition to the routine testing of sheath tests or grounding faults, it’s common for the thinnest to be punctured. The protective effect of sjoow wire sheath has a direct relationship with its thickness. Besides, you can’t ignore the inherent consumption of sjow cable. The sjoow cable will generates a lot of heat in long run. In the situation of internal and external troubles, the sheath has played a good role in protection. So the thickness of sheath determines the service life of sjoow wire to a certain extent. Hongliang Cable Group take a serious attitude to manufacture sjoow cable all the time. The quality of our products is guaranteed definitely. You are welcome to come and visit our factory any time you like.

Thickness of sjoow cable sheath determines the difficulty of laying

With the development of global industry, more and more environmental requirements for sjow cable must be small diameter. In the process of laying, there should be a gap. So that the heat generated by sjoow cable can be distributed. If the sheathing thickness is too thick, it will increase the difficulty of laying. Therefore, the thickness requirements of the sheathing must be strictly in line with the relevant standards. Otherwise, it is impossible to protect the sjoow wire. So you can’t just pursue its thickness. Visually, a good sheathing is smooth and round, with a uniform luster and no mechanical damage. In terms of thickness, the thickness of sheathing also affects the quality of sjow cable. It is well known that sjoow cable sheath is to protect the insulated wire core from damage under external force. Thus playing a protective role. If the cable sheath fails to meet the requirements, it will damage cable sheath. It will not meet the standard. In Hongliang, you can rest assured to buy cable production. Because our every production are standard.

sjoow cable

Hongliang Cable Group

Hongliang Cable Group is the leader of cable industry in China. And we are also one of the most important and professional cable groups. We have established a good reputation and won the majority of customers’ trust in this field. So please feel free leave sjoow cable specs ( or other cables), we will reply within 12 hours.

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Our advantage: Hongliang Cable Group is one of the most high-quality cable manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our cable for sale absolutely is superior. We can manufacturer quality and cheap cable. So for the quality of cable, you can be assured of it. You can send us an e-mail or call at any time.

Hongliang Cable-factory

Hongliang Cable-factory

Customer Case: We have exported wires and cables to more than 30 countries, such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania countries etc.




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