Round Low Voltage RONDOFLEX(C)-FC (N)GRDGCGOEU Cable For Festoon Operation

Round Low Voltage RONDOFLEX(C)-FC (N)GRDGCGOEU Cable

RONDOFLEX(C)-FC (N)GRDGCGOEU Cable For Festoon Operation Design Features

Conductor:Bare electrolytic copper conductor, finely stranded, class 5. Earth conductor made of tinned, extremely finely stranded copper, class FS (better than class 5).
Insulation:PROTOLON MS, high grade special compound based on high-quality EPR (at least GI3); improved mechanical and electrical characteristics
Core identification:Light colored insulation with numbers printed in black for power and control cables, earth conductor green/ yellow
Core arrangement:Up to 10mm2: 4-core design; from 16mm2 on: three main conductors, earth conductor splitted into three parts and placed into the interstices
Inner sheath Basic material: EPR, compound type GM1b, color: black
Screen over inner sheath:Braid screen made of tinned copper wires, surface covered: >80%, transfer impedance <100mΩ/m at <= 30MHz
Outer sheath:Basic material PCP, rubber compound 5GM3, colour: black
Marking:RONDOFLEX (C)-FC (N)GRDGCG?U-J (nr. of cores)x(cross section) 0,6/1 kV VDE-Reg.-Nr. 7841

RONDOFLEX(C)-FC (N)GRDGCGOEU Cable For Festoon Operation Electrical Parameters

Rated voltage:0.6/1 kV (600/1000V) Max. permissible operating voltage AC:0.7/1.2 kV
Max. permissible operating voltage DC:0.9/1.8 kV
AC Test Voltage:5 kV (5 Min.)
Peak voltage:2400 V
Max. AC voltage for connection on frequency converter:690 V
EMC:Main application thanks to the special cable design Current Carrying Capacity description Acc. to DIN VDE 0298-4

RONDOFLEX(C)-FC (N)GRDGCGOEU Cable For Festoon Operation Application

For use on festoon systems, e.g. on gantry cranes, hall gantry cranes, rack material handling equipment, transportation systems or machine tools. Especially suitable where power cables are expected to cause interference and disruption on data cables or where the maximum emission values according to EN 55011/55022 must be achieved.
The cables are used under high mechanical stresses and frequent bending. Also suitable for use as flexible motor power supply cable.

festoon cable application

RONDOFLEX(C)-FC (N)GRDGCGOEU Cable For Festoon Operation Spec

Number of cores x cross section Conductor diameter max. mm Outer diameter min. mm Outer diameter max. mm Bending radius free moving min. mm Weight (ca.) kg/km Nom.operating capaci- tance μF/km Inductance nom. mH/ km Current carrying capacity for install. free in air (2) A Transfer impedance at 1 MHz mΩ/m Transfer impedance at 10 MHz mΩ/m Transfer impedance at 30 MHz mΩ/m
(N)GRDGCGOEU- J screened power cables
4×2,5 2 13 15 75 340 0.17 0.58 32
4×4 2.5 14.8 17.8 89 480 0.18 0.55 43
4×6 3 16.2 19.2 96 640 0.19 0.53 56
4×10 4 19.6 22.6 113 890 0.23 0.51 78 0.4 1.3 3.5
3×16+3×2,5 5.7 22.4 25.4 127 1150 0.225 0.48 104 0.2 0.6 1.5
3×25+3×4 6.8 25.4 28.4 142 1590 0.275 0.45 138 0.2 0.4 1.3
3×35+3×6 8.1 29.3 32.3 162 2160 0.325 0.43 170 0.1 0.4 0.9
3×50+3×10 9.6 35.4 38.4 192 3060 0.4 0.41 212 0.1 0.2 0.7
3×70+3×10 11.5 40.8 43.8 219 3960 0.475 0.39 263 0.1 0.2 0.5
3×95+3×16 12.9 43.4 46.4 232 4840 0.6 0.375 316 0.1 0.2 0.4
3×120+3×16 14.6 47.8 50.8 254 5910 0.7 0.36 370 0.1 0.1 0.3


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Round Low Voltage RONDOFLEX(C)-FC (N)GRDGCGOEU Cable

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